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  • Pillow type: stereotyped pillow;
  • Pillow shape: round;
  • Pillow fill: polyester fiber;
  • Fabric: pure cotton;
  • Suitable for the season: spring, autumn, winter, summer;
  • Color: striped pillow blue, striped pillow powder, striped pillow yellow;
  • Within one year of age is an important period of human head development. The most important function of pillows is to support the cervical vertebra. If you lose it, the quality of your sleeping will be greatly reduced. Suitable pillow is conducive to the blood circulation of the head of the baby, helps the child to sleep in the dreamland as soon as possible, sleeps sweeter, and protects the baby's head and promotes growth and development. If you choose inappropriate use, not only affect the physiological function of the head and neck, but also form a flat head. When the flat head appears, it will affect the appearance of the face, the face is asymmetrical, the side face is large, the face is small or the face is flat, the five features are flat, or the position is prominent, such as tooth teeth. Often say to the baby to sleep on the head, because the old face is big, the face feels healthy, and the five senses are usually only considered a genetic factor. Later, the flat head influence has been certified abroad, especially the cosmetology Korea, which attaches great importance to the flat head of the baby, not only the helmet cap that specializes in the flat head of the baby, but also the helmet cap that specializes in the baby's flat head. Professional baby pillow specially designed to correct infant flat head. Baby stereotyped English name Baby Finalize the design pillow, the main function is to prevent the baby's head, the head of gravity has been pressed in a position, it is easy to have a flat head phenomenon. Because the newborn baby's skull is thin, soft, and not well developed. The head is the heaviest in the whole body. It will not turn over for the first few months and almost every day.
  • When the baby's head is sleeping in one direction, the gravity is always in a position, it is easy to have a flat head. The stereotype pillow is effective in preventing the formation of flat head in infants. In addition, the newborn neck is straight, with high pillow on the baby's cervical vertebra is oppressed. In order not to give the baby's cervical spine compression, the baby pillow requires a concave pit suitable for the baby's head.
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