Easy to clean of breast pump and there is dishwater safe and can even convert to a manual pump.
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Product Details

  • Colour : White
  • Brand : Youha 
  • Pump Pressure : 3 Levels


  • Custom Control with Color LCD Display 
  • 2 Phases Expressing Cycles
  • Proven Airlock Protection
  • BPA Free
  • Small Compact Lightweight
  • Heavy Duty Breast Pump
  • Memory function 
  • High Voltage Built-In Lithium Battery 
  • The pump on the go!
  • Technology from Switzerland 
  • 100% European standard



Dainty 2 in 1 is powerful single electric breast pump offering individual flexibility in order to meet mother's requirements. By mapping the natural course of the two-phases of milk production, Dainty 2 in 1 draws milk efficiently and in comfort.

Two Phases Expressing Cycles

  • Two phases expression technology and speed adjust-ability which mode of stimulate the initial rapid suckling and mimics natural suckling phases with feeding allows moms to stimulate milk flow with best comfort every time.

Custom Control with Color LCD Display

  • Features memory & timer functions with Color LCD display enable the pump to adjust and change to your natural ryhthm automatically.

Proven Airlock Protection

  • Proven Airlock Protection means our silicone diaphragm barrier keeps the air from your pump from coming in contact with your milk while pumping, which is prevents milk and moisture from entering into the pump's tubing and motor.

Bis-phenol A Free

  • Milk collection system with Bis-phenol A Free approved by the FDA to protect against cross contamination. It also safeguards the purity of expressed milk from bacteria and viruses by keeping milk and outside air seperate from each other.

Pump on the Go

  • Designed for everyday use with powerful high voltage rechargeable built-in lithium ion battery, motorized in noiseless, compact size and light weight base for on the go.

Natural Bottle and Nipple

  • The wide breast shaped natural nipple & bottle bundle in Dainty 2 in 1 promotes natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Ease to Use & Option to Express Manually.

  • Intuitive assemble and easy to clean of breast pump and there is dishwater safe and can even convert to a manual pump.
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